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About Beverly

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I was born in historic Bristol, TN. I love my hometown and take pride in where I grew up and how I was raised. I still have friends there and visit often. I'm thrilled to see this Twin City (Bristol, TN/VA) continue to grow and businesses thriving, especially downtown -- a traditional area many small towns have lost. 


I moved to Atlanta, GA in 1981 and enjoyed my time there, raising my family and being involved with area charitable organizations and schools. I also appreciated my time volunteering for Atlanta Sports Council. I enjoy going back often to visit family and friends.

I have now moved to Naples, Florida, where I reside full-time and am happy being involved in numerous organizations.

When I think of a fulfilled life of purpose and meaning, I look toward my faith, family, friends and community. I often ask myself how can I make one's life easier, better, and what difference can I make?

I feel blessed to be able to help in places needed, and in turn, my own life is enriched through this Foundation work.  My life is enriched with guidance and strength to navigate what’s ahead, and charitable giving provides ways to use my time, gifts, and to fulfill my heart. 



In the news

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